“Never even realized how lost i was without her. But i always was. Just some lost soldier who forgot he ever had a home… Until she gave me one."

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"It’s so interesting, when you meet little kids and that resonates, when that hits home. It’s easy to think it and assume it, but then when you meet a kid and you think, “Man, this kid really looks up to me. What a strange thing. He doesn’t even know me!” That’s so funny. I remember feeling that way when I was a kid. It’s a beautiful thing. Not to sound cheesy but it’s really cool. You owe that to them. That’s part of the responsibility of this job.”

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May your love never end,
And if you need a friend,
There’s a seat here alongside me.

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When I went under, the world was at war. When I woke, they said we won.

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[on how much of the old Bucky can be seen in the Winter Soldier] I think my goal is that you’ll get to see that. You know, the truth of the situation is although he looks very different and there’s different things about him, it still comes from the same person. I think you’ll get to see that no matter what. I think part of my goal here was to make sure that you see an extension of that version but just a different color of that same version in a way. I think he’s still the same guy; he’s cut from the same cloth. (Stan)

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I’ve never hit the reblog button so fast in my life.

This dog is 500% done

my favourite part is the second dog that attempts it

Yes. Yes. Nononomo nope nope nope nope

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walking into the wrong class




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Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Learning the Dance clip

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are people sick of these yet

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working on a sterek edit.. I have to say, so far.. I’m impressed with the result.. (weird)

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I'm pretty sure Derek should have awesome flower brows in addition to flower beard
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#well I need some place to sit

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